Goal: Learn How to Take Photos Better


So one of the things on my list is to learn how to take better photos. I figured if I could learn how to do that, then I could also take photos of all the things I accomplish on my list. Right now, my biggest obstacle is choosing the camera I’m going to go with. On one hand we have the Canon Rebel T3 which is a digital SLR, and on the other, we have a newer technology with the Olympus PEN E-P3 which is a Compact System Camera.

Now, each one of these have their pros and cons.

Canon Rebel T3


  • Older technology – Canon is pretty reliable when it comes to SLRs
  • Cheaper
  • Lots of lens choices


  • Bulkier
  • Larger learning curve – Definitely would be a considerable step-up from my point-and-shoot

Olympus PEN E-P3


  • Compact size
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Lower learning curve – Since these types of cameras are a step between a point-and-shoot and DSLRs, it wouldn’t take too much to learn some basic settings.
  • Similar picture quality to a DSLR


  • Newer technology – Olympus and Panasonic currently lead this technology, but there isn’t a camera that’s a basic go-to
  • More expensive – Due to being a newer technology

So those are my two choices at the moment. I’m usually a little trigger shy when it comes to making big purchases, so I may think about it a little longer, but hope to get one of these babies in my hands in the next week or two. If you were me, which choice would you make?

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